Where We Eat

If you’re reading this (you have great taste in Blogs), you either live in Fort Collins or plan to visit us at our beautiful, Old Town office. In any case, you’re going to need to eat. We’re enthusiastic about that, so here are some suggestions to get you started. Because we jump up and down the entire Front Range of Colorado (and even further afield) you’ll see our favorites from other locales as well!

Bon Appetit!


Petra Grill Fort CollinsPetra Grill
1335 West Elizabeth Street
Fort Collins, Colorado
(970) 568-8381

We stumbled upon the BEST little place to indulge your cravings for Mediterranean food. What? You don’t HAVE cravings for Mediterranean?….absurd, and….you will NOW. Enter Petra Grill Mediterranean Cuisine. This little treasure is hidden away near the Colorado State University Campus, in “Campus West” proper. Now before you go grabbing your throat, staggering backwards and swearing that you’d rather stick pins in your eyes than get near a student-packed café, let me tell you that we’ve never had trouble finding a seat or receiving great service. The owner is on site pretty much 24-7. He’s ruined us for any other falafels ANYWHERE. The menu is large and diverse. Watching your weight? No problem. You can leave after stuffing yourself on super healthy offerings. This man is a magician with flavorings and spice. Seriously. Are you a vegetarian? You’re covered. Do you eat meat like a Hun back from pillaging a village? Done. So okay. Go for breakfast, lunch or dinner. See you there…


Beau Jo's Pizza

Beau Jo’s Pizza
205 North College Avenue
Fort Collins, Colorado
(970) 286-2242

Full disclosure: We designed this location!

One of Fort Collins oldest, most beloved Pizza places moved into their new, light-filled, patio-embraced digs. We think that this space allows diners to enjoy fabulous food in an incredibly uplifting and spacious environment. Huge windows, beautiful photos taken by the owner add to the “Totally-Colorado” environment. The low siding comes from locally sourced trees, supporting Beau Jo’s love and support of all things Green.

The pizza speaks for itself and in case you’re avoiding a big blast of carbs, check out their delicious salad bar. Grab a beer from the large bar selection and come join us. We’ll save you a seat.


Blue Agave Restaurant Logo

Blue Agave
201 South College Avenue
Suite 100
Fort Collins Colorado
(970) 631-8076


You’ll find Blue Agave under the Fort Collins Museum, but it’s not cave-y at all. Windows supply light as you enjoy our favorite version of creatively prepared deliciousness. We love them for lunch AND dinner! If you happen to have a vegetarian or gluten-free person in your life (as WE do) feel free to sling them right through the door. Their complimentary salsa is pretty far up on the scale – we’re picky about that. Check out the menu link above and see for yourself *wipes drool from keyboard*