Watch This!

Everyone needs a break from their own reality ONCE in a while, so grab your favorite snack, sink into your favorite chair and escape with one of these movies.


*Bill Cunningham New York

One of our favorite Docs. If you read the New York Times, you’ll recognize it’s most beloved photographer. If not, you’ll still appreciate the inspiring and fascinating story. Great gift for the design-interested in YOUR life!

*The Human Scale-Bringing Cities to Life

Okay, this one IS about design and planning. Watch the trailer and see if you don’t want to have a look. You will. I’m just Sure you will.

*Foyle’s WarFoyles_War-O

This is actually a mini-series, if you can call something like twelve years running: “Mini”!

A history-filled BBC project that will captivate men and women alike by it’s brilliant writing, casting and attention to detail. Each show will have it’s own individual story, but they run in a continuous time line. The last show was aired in the winter of 2015, bringing with it accolades for all of the above. Good luck NOT being drawn in by this one. You’re welcome. You can also catch it on Netflix and Acorn TV.