Roll Call

Frank Lloyd Wright Falling WaterJim Cox – Founding Partner, Seriously Seasoned Architect and Flavorful Photographer

1. Tell us about the road that led to “Architect”… I developed an interest in art and architecture in 3rd grade. I loved to draw, loved math and geometry. When I was in Junior High, Dad took me to New York City. I almost broke my neck looking up at all the buildings. New York was like a fairy-tale city of people, textures and patterns. I loved the buildings and was amazed at their height. Then I discovered beautiful mid-century houses designed by an amazing group of architects most of whom where located in California. I cherished the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Mies van der Rohe’s architecture was difficult for me to understand. I wondered why his buildings stopped where they did, as there was not a top cap (cornice) and why did the all the elevations of glass look the same when the south got so much sun and the north very little? Off I went to Texas A&M to study architecture. My freshman class started with 173 classmates and 5-years later I graduated with 23 classmates. I started practicing architecture in 1961, opened my office in Fort Collins in 1970 and architecture has been my passion ever since. (see? Seasoned…)

2. Do you have a motto? “Beauty knows no limits and needs no permission.”


Tom Kalert- Partner, Extreme Architect and Dedicated AnglerFly Reels

1. Where did you grow up and why aren’t you there now? (caution, the following story is not for the faint of heart. We still don’t know WHERE…but we know we don’t want him to go back!) I was born and raised in the middle of a gigantic superfund site (seriously). Magical genies were continually present in the form of dense rust colored smoke belching from the stacks at the steel mills. The air was sickeningly perfumed with the smell of camphor from the coke plant. In general-everything was brown and gray from the iron and lead dust that settled on everything. A fun filled day sometimes included a bike ride to the creosote pit in search of small unfortunate creatures that fell victim to the beauty of the glossy black pool. I left “home” forty years ago – there is no question as to why I am not there now.

2. What’s your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon? Sunday afternoons vary by the season: Spring, Summer, and Fall Sunday afternoons are filled with so many wonderful outdoor possibilities – I suppose being outside in the glorious sunshine is really what makes my heart sing. Most Sundays Lynn and I love to garden, ride a bike, fish, hang with the family, or just dabble about in the yard. Wintertime Sundays are more introspective – not being a huge fan of the snow and cold, life indoors inspires more personal quiet time. Of course – I always love a Sunday when it is so foul outside, I can lay on the couch, watch the Broncos, and not feel guilty about being a slug.


Mountain BikeTim Lago-  Treelike Architect – grounded, bendable, and tall – Oh yeah and recently sprouted a new sapling (congrats!)

1. What would be impossible for you to give up? Mountain biking.  Although lately, my time seems to have been otherwise consumed. (new baby, new baby, new baby)

2. Do you have a motto? I try to live by themes of empathy, of listening, and knowing that others’ stories are interesting and can be a teaching moment for shaping my own life and life’s outlook. So, yeah, maybe my motto is be moldable, since we don’t have all the answers.  Someone out there may be able to help you, and you them.


Don Bernholtz– Seriously Focused Athlete* (I mean Architect) & Autonomous Furniture Designer (check out his table pic)Bicycle Table

*Ask him about his recent climb to the top of Longs Peak – one of the 58 14ers in Colorado.

1. Where did you grow up and why aren’t you there now? Iowa – too plain, too political, and too pungent. (see? Focused!)

2. What’s your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon? Hike up to an Alpine lake in RMNP, fine wine & cheese, hike down, come home and nap… (focused, focused, focused…)


Chester BulldogSean Christian- Building Information Modeling, TECH and Project Manager (yeah, he does ALL that)

1. Do you have a motto? Having started in construction, I will always love building more than design.  ‘I would rather build a home than design one… BUT… I would rather build a designed home’  (don’t worry Sean, we have people who do that….)

2. Where did you grow up and why aren’t you there now? I grew up in the small town of Delta on the western slope where there are more livestock than people.  I was slated to take over the small residential construction company I was working for, but when jobs fell through and others were put on hold, I packed my bags and moved to Fort Collins with my girlfriend (now wife) and have made Fort Collins home.


Jon Hoelmer- Numbers, Scheduling and Misc. Smart-Guy StuffKayak

1. Where did you grow up and why aren’t you there now? I grew up and went to college in North Dakota; I’m not there now because I found out I could leave!

2. Funny Animal Story, please… We used to live in the country, and one day my Mom found 2 newborn pups in the ditch-someone just threw them away…black, short nose and long tails…I was so excited that I was going to help raise 2 Black Labs…well after a few months, we came to the conclusion that we were the proud owners of a couple Toy Poodles…one of life’s little disappointments.


FluteAmy Childers…Marketing and General Administration Wizard (Wizardess?)

1. Funny Animal Story, please…. I’m fairly certain that you would have laughed if you had witnessed my naivety in person… I was in my 20’s, newly into rollerblading and had two Rottweilers that needed walking every day. Perfect combination, right? We had a paved alley behind our house to practice recognizing the sound of the brake with the command to stop. They were doing so well and I was getting bored! So…I ventured a little further, and within minutes they spotted a dog in the distance that they wanted to greet. Being on wheels, I had no traction to hold them back, so off we went on the ride of my life. Fortunately no animals (or people) were harmed in the making of this story.

2. What’s your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon? 
I love variety, so I don’t think I have one favorite anything. I would be as happy shooting a game of pool as I would shooting the breeze in my backyard with family and friends; hiking to horsetooth rock or biking to TCBY; playing badminton or playing my flute.


Lisa Hoffman- Blog WranglerDesk

1. Where did you grow up and why aren’t you there now? I hail from the Washington DC area (Bethesda-Chevy Chase). The minute I have a million dollars, I plan to create a second home there. I know a few architects who would be perfect for the job…..

2. What’s your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon? Sketching, walking our crazy dogs and drinking coffee with good people.
…or maybe watching a good movie
…or maybe reading a good book
…or maybe playing in Old Town or Boulder
…or…wait, what was the question?