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Books! Who doesn’t love books?!?! Here, we throw in our favorites, and not just architecture and design. How about books on sketching, illustration, travels favorites? Graphics? Type?…..even a dash of fiction. Pretty much whatever we feel like tossing your way. Enjoy and start making your list…..

All the Light We Cannot See”, a National Book Award Finalist by Anthony Doerr of Boise, IdahoBook Recommendation

A blind French girl (Marie-Laure) and her father escape the Nazi invasion of Paris with a prize possession. They retreat to her great uncle’s fortress by the sea in Saint-Malo. The talent and wisdom of a German orphan (Werner) is sought after by Hitler. It ushers him down a winding path also ending in Saint-Malo. This book is a touching story of two lives, each with their own tragedies and their inevitable collision. Set in the era of World War II, this is a poignant story of what might have been, if….

The Geography of Nowhere: The Rise and Decline of America’s Man-Made Landscape”Geography of Nowhere
by James Howard Kunstler

And don’t forget its sequel…

Home to Nowhere: Remaking our Everyday World for the 21st Century”
by James Howard Kunstler

These two books trace America’s evolution from historic Main Street architecture brimming with character and personality to communities where every place looks like the next with a wasteland of cartoon architecture, billboards and parking lots. His works have been inspiring city planners, architects, legislators, designers and citizens everywhere.


*Frank Lloyd Wright – The Rooms – Interiors and Decorative Crafts
by Stipe, Weintraub and Hanks

Our first choice is just flat-out Eye Candy. Page after page of the stunning design that Wright is known for. Design JUST a room?….absurd. He grabbed total control of the entire space with his customary mix of genius and arrogance. “…here are your windows, your furniture, the dress that your wife will wear when entertaining…….” I’m paraphrasing, but any fan of Wright knows that he was a one-man design firm in his own mind. The photos will not disappoint and like us, you’ll walk away on a cloud of satisfied inspiration. In spite of yourself.

*The Art of Urban Sketching-Drawing on Location Around the WorldUrban Sketching Book
Gabriele Campanario

You don’t have to be able to draw to love this book. The Now-Huge Urban Sketching movement pretty much started on the authors small Blog. Well, it WAS small. Now it’s an Internationally networked phenomenon, and this book includes a generous handful of illustrations that I promise, will have you reaching for a sketchbook the next time you travel, even if it’s a trip to your own Downtown.

*Here Tomorrow- Preserving Architecture, Culture and California’s Golden Dream
J. K. Dineen

Wait! It’s about California, but not REALLY. Well, yes, really BUT: this is a book that combines the best of history and a fast forward to NOW, where we get to see and hear from everyone involved in saving, sometimes-reconstructing and cherishing some of our countries most precious architectural gems. We get the back story, the current scoop and a generous dose of photos that will have you scooting forward in your chair, barking out: “Oh HEY!…I know that building, I was THERE!” There’s an easily digested combination of picture and text, leading through this delightful journey. Highly recommended.