Hub Flub or Terminal Velocity?

Hub Flub or Terminal Velocity?

Okay, you’re here because you love architecture and design. You read this Blog because our mission is to point you to news that impacts those of you who take the time to look around, respect history and commit yourselves to talking about things other than perhaps the latest Kardashian selfie. Maybe you just need something to focus on BESIDES the current political train wreck that people from BOTH sides of the aisle are witnessing.

World Trade Center Hub

Fine. I’m going to steer you toward an article in the NY Times written by the respectable Michael Kimmelman. I’m just going on the record to say that I don’t agree with him on this one. His appraisal and critique are brilliant as usual, but I happen to love this space and I see it VERY differently. Click over and see what YOU think. Of COURSE the dollars thrown by taxpayers (all of us) are mind boggling. This is nothing new. I hope that you’ll enjoy reading up on the latest Calatrava “issue” whether you agree or, like me, you stand up, knocking your chair backwards, point at the screen and scream: “WHAT?!?!”

…after all, that’s what keep things interesting.

Alright kind readers, here’s the article with a “Pro Calatrava Video” AND below is the “Con Over Budget Video”. Watch both and let us know where you stand…