Take a Bow, A Plus!

Take a Bow, A Plus!

We won!

No, seriously. Say Hello to one of the winners of the Fort Collins Urban Design Award. We were chosen in the category of Architecture (duh). Oh, no really, no need for roses…..

We TOLD you that we are serious about changing the World. We’re sometimes lucky enough to work with clients who share the same vision. Enter Fort Collins beloved Beau Jo’s Pizza. While they loved their former home, the cozy bank building that was housed on the corner at one of Fort Collins busiest intersections, they simply outgrew the place. Being the Old Town Lovers that they are, they decided to move just a block north after a TWO YEAR SEARCH people…. Enter ……US, along with the awesome Kevin Murray of Empire Carpentry. He was the contractor extraordinaire who made our plans a reality and shares this award.

As much as we enjoy telling you all about this building, we thought that it might work better to link you to the form itself for an in-depth look and bullet point some of the juiciest facts. Also, we’d prefer that you stay awake:

*Cool Old Building. It was a wreck ….go see how we used existing brick and numerous skillful moves to turn the place into the gorgeous space that you see today. We bent over backwards to maintain the integrity of the original, historical structure. Understatement of the Century.

*You’ll notice that the interior is flooded with beautiful Colorado light and gorgeous photographs of our state taken by the owner, Chip Bair – who also deserves credit for the completed Beau Jo’s images on this website. The wood snaking its way around the interior is reclaimed beetle kill pine milled by our own Forks Lumber Company of Livermore. The wood was salvaged from the 2012 Rist Canyon High Park Fire area in the Arapahoe-Roosevelt National Forest. It lives again, beautifully.

*Beau Jo’s is designed to comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) which was no small feat given the 2 different levels.

*If you happen to notice a big old platform elevator while you’re power-munching the best pizza in town, know that in it’s prime, the elevator was used to bring up auto parts from the storage below. It was a part of the Ford dealership since it’s opening in 1908. Cool, right?

Okay, that’s enough horn-tooting for the moment. We’re deeply appreciative of this award. It’s serious business and as harbingers of sustainable urban design, we’ll display it proudly.

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