Architecture and Beyond…

Architecture and Beyond…

Hey!…What’s a Facility Audit?

Let’s be honest, A Plus is all about Architecture & Design, but did you know that: *We are also Internationally known for our patented Facility Audit Work!!??? I can hear you now: “…..O.K…….What??!!!” It’s time that we fill you in. Jim just got back from San Diego, auditing Southwestern College in Chula Vista California. 59 Buildings People!

Picture a building: a school, one of the national mints, a military base. There’s way more, but you get the idea.

DMA Plaza Affordable Housing

A Plus has developed a system, using a team of architects and engineers. We descend on our targeted building with clip boards and iPads. Our goal is to cover every inch, every function of that building inside and out and hand you a report that outlines the condition of that structure.

Now let me tell you why this is so necessary (and awesome): *say you’re in charge of maintenance and upkeep. You’ll need an assessment to tell some numbers person about things like this:

“Hey, we’re going to need a new roof in about two and a half years! That’s going to cost about $_____ so you’d better get the budget ready and don’t’ say that I didn’t warn you…” Okay, we’re far more polite about it. By the way, we KNOW how much it may cost you in two years based on the prices in YOUR area, even if you’re in a place like Guam. Yes, we’ve audited in Guam.

”Oh Jeez, this building no longer complies with the American Disabilities Act. You’re going to want to know how much that upgrade will cost…RIGHT%??!”

….stuff like THAT. You’ll get the entire picture and it will continue to be available to you via your own online access code . Very James Bond-ian.Jim Cox Facility Audit

Did I also tell you that we used to be part of the emergency team that charges in after natural disasters? Our job was to assist in assessing damage to military sites and government facilities. Thanks to severe budget cuts, our National Sites seem to be stumbling through by themselves, but don’t look too closely…

When we say Architecture Plus , we mean it!

So call on us for all kinds of Super Hero Magic. We do it all and we have People.